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Payment in advance
The consignment of the product is carried out after a positive in-payment by bank transfer.

Cash on delivery
If you should have voted at method of payment "cash on delivery", then you must pay the complete order confirmation amount, (incl. transportation costs), plus the charges of approx. 2 euros to the bearer. The product is then immediately submitted.
In case, the postman should not find you at home, the product is provided another 7 days for the collection in the next post office.

Instant Bank Transfer - Overview and idea
directpay24 is the unique online payment system offered by Payment Network AG headquartered in Gauting, near Munich.
The basic idea of directpay24 is simple:


The shopping cart is instantly and automatically paid through a direct bank transfer from the buyer's bank account to the merchants account.

In order to use directpay24 the buyer needs:

An online bank account in Germany,*
eBanking data provided by his bank, e.g. account number, clearing number, PIN and TAN

However, he does need:

no credit card,
no registration at Instant Payment,
no customer number at Instant-Payment,
no separate account or eWallet at Instant-Payment,
no additional software.

* Shortly directpay24 will be offered in most important European countries as well.

Introduction for Buyers

directpay24 is a new, simple and highly secure way of paying your orders over the internet. For buyers directpay24 is absolutly fee. directpay24 provides several» direct benefitsto you.

Merchants receive the notification of successful transaction in real-time, thereby they can offer to their buyers an instant delivery of products and services. Furthermore they can reduce their business risks. This means: they can offer you real cost benefits or free shipment!

When using Direc-Bank-Transfer you count on established, industry best pratice security standards applied in eBanking. We not only aim to offer a secure system, we believe
» security for buyers using directpay24to be a key reason to prefer directpay24 to other common offline or online systems.

The security, user friendliness and speed of directpay24 has been certified by the TÜV Saarland according to latest ISO and BSI standards.
»

Furthermore Payment Network AG has signed an insurance policy in February 2007 to protect buyers against every kind of PIN/TAN misuse and fraud cases with one of the largest insurance companies in Germany.
»

Besides internal and external quality assurance and a leading insurance company, Payment Network AG has also won the confidence of many successful ecommerce companies such as Conrad Electronic, A.T.U., Afterbuy, Dreamrobot, Micropayment. The very successful, daily use of directpay24 by there customers is a great sign of what directpay24 means to merchants and buyers.
» Check out or most important reference merchants...

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